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October 16, 2010 - November 20, 2010

N I C O L A   K U P E R U S

b. 1975, Salem, MA

Works in Detroit

“A lot of ideas come while driving. I tend to zone out and think of stories. Sometimes an interesting location may spark a story. I think one thing that is strange about the creative process or where an idea originates from is that it is never consistent and it generally comes when you least expect it.”

- Kurperus in an interview with REV Miami, 2009

Kuperus graduated with a BFA from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. She is a one half of the band ADULT. with her husband Adam Lee Miller. Earlier this month, the duo performed The Three Grace(s), a film triptych that was written, scored, filmed, edited and directed by ADULT. The films in their entirety and original soundtrack were performed live at The Detroit Institute of Arts.

Kuperus has exhibited her photography, film and music internationally including the Butcher's Daughter during No Vacancy, January 2010.

C H A M B L I S S   G I O B B I

b. 1963, New York

Works in New York

“I think that by using photographs as documents of something that really happened, I am capturing time, but by reconfiguring them in a manifold way, I am capturing the changing emotions and catharses that we use to measure time, like a diary.”

- Chambliss Giobbi, 2010


Giobbi received a BFA in Music Composition from Boston University. A recipient of Guggenheim, NEA and NYFA fellowships, Giobbi was a prolific composer of classical music before turning to visual art. He has bridged notion of time and simultaneity in the development of musical ideas to become a central developmental theme in his fractured, stop-frame images.

Giobbi has exhibited in numerous museum shows, including the National Portrait Gallery, (D.C.), The Katonah Museum of Art, (Katonah, NY), The Kohler Art Center, (Sheboygan, WI), The National Academy Museum, (NYC), The Islip Art Museum, (Islip, NY), and is in the permanent collection of the Museo De Bellas Artes in Santander, Spain. His gallery exhibitions include MiTO Galeria d’Arte, (Barcelona), HALLWALLS, (Buffalo), Jack The Pelican Presents, (Brooklyn), Artists Space, (NYC), and Brick Lane Gallery, (London). He was also featured in the VOLTA show in 2010. His work has been reviewed by the New York Times and has been featured in Bomb Magazine, SLEEK Magazine and FlashArt online.


Fun Run, 2010



Herod 1, 2010

collage , beeswax on aluminum panel

Atmosphere. Emotions. Luxury. Myth. Narrative. Possibilities. Time.

Opening Reception being held Saturday, October 16, 2010, 6-9:00 PM