No Vacancy

Curated by Valaire Van Slyck


January 9 - February 20, 2010

“...By bringing together many artists in a small gallery, we create a whole greater than the sum of its parts and establish a space of hyper-dynamism, a community with a multitude of perspectives. In turn, this show offers alternatives to the prevailing modes of relating to the world around us—a cacophony of possibility and hope. 

There is no vacancy in art.”

- Valaire Van Slyck, Curator, from the Exhibition Statement


Michael Anderson, Michael Bevilacqua, Erik den Breejen, Brock Enright, Jack Featherly, Jonah Freeman, Kate Gilmore, Andrew Guenther, Kent Henricksen, Sissel Kardel, Nicola Kuperus, Justin Lowe, Shannon Lucy, Guy Overfelt, Zak Smith, Michael St. John, Valaire Van Slyck, Johannes Vanderbeek, Wendy White and Sherry Wong

Work includes collage, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, site-specific installation, and video.

Michael St. John

Guy Overfelt

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 9, 2010, 6-9:00PM

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Andrew Guenther

Zak Smith

Shannon Lucy

Kate Gilmore

Michael Anderson

Wendy White

Jack Featherly

Michael Bevilacqua

Erik den Breejen

Nicola Kuperus

Jonah Freeman

Sherry Wong

Valaire Van Slyck

Kent Henricksen

Sissel Kardel

Johannes VanDerBeek

Brock Enright

Justin Lowe

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