Paycheck to Paycheck


September 4 - October 9, 2010
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Special Event

Kevin Beasley // Christina Galasso // Nate Morgan

Opening Reception: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 6-9:00 PM

Runs through SEPTEMBER  18, 2010

Kevin Beasley (b. 1985, Lynchburg, VA) received his BFA from Detroit’s College for Creative studies (CCS) in 2007. Shortly thereafter he co-founded, CAVE, an artist run gallery located in the Russell Industrial Center. His work is been exhibited in group shows throughout Michigan. He is currently an MFA candidate in sculpture at Yale University.

Christina Galasso (b. 1983, Detroit, MI) graduated from CCS in 2008, with a minor in Art History & Photography. She has exhibited her work in group shows at the Oakland University Art Gallery and the Johanson Charles Gallery in Detroit.

Nate Morgan (b. 1980, Detroit, MI) graduated with a BFA from the CCS in 2007 and is currently Exhibitions Director at CAVE. His art has been exhibited throughout Michigan. In 2009, he worked as a sculpture assistant to Matthew Barney on the prologue for the yet unreleased film “Ancient Evenings”.

Each artist prepared new work in response to the exhibition theme, many specifically focusing on time or the passage thereof. The resulting collage, photography, sculpture and video depict metonymic (stand-in) devices for the conceptuality of sustaining oneself or individual environments paycheck to paycheck.

Kevin Beasley // Untitled, 2010 // Basketball with resin

Petrova Gilberson (b. 1977, Warner, NH) received her BA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2006 and MFA from Yale University for sculpture in 2008. She has exhibited her work in New York at Anton Kern Gallery and Smack Mellon among others. Giberson has also shown at the Tate Modern in London.

Vanessa Merrill (b. 1982, Detroit, MI) graduated with a BFA in 2007 from CCS. She is a co-founder of CAVE and is currently the institutional development administrator. She has exhibited her work at Detroit mainstays such as the Forum Gallery at Cranbrook Academy of Art and the Detroit Artists Market.

Christopher Samuels (b. 1983, Detroit, MI), largely self-taught, co-founded an artist-run gallery space called Org Contemporary in 2009. His work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles and throughout Michigan. In the summer of 2010, Samuels attended a residency at Skowhegan School Of Painting & Sculpture.

Petrova Giberson // Vanessa Merrill // Christopher Samuels

Opening Reception: SATURDAY,  SEPTEMBER 25,  6-9:00 PM

Runs through   OCTOBER 9, 2010

Christina Galasso // Iron Horse, 2010 // Collage

Nate Morgan // Forest Before the Beach, 2010 //  Documentary photograph