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What is behind the title “Insubstantial Pageants of The Mind’s Eye”?


Insubstantial Pageant’s comes from The Tempest Act 4. In most of Shakespeare’s work he obsesses about dream, fantasy, hallucination and enchanted simulations. These works still shape our collective fantasies.(i.e., “The world as a stage”).


Talk more about that...


For the paintings in this exhibition I am trying to evoke a phenomalogical sense of looking and perceiving, as if through a smokey screen, a dull mirror: painted in thin veils of raw pigment, insubstantial in their material presence images of ecstatic monks, hermits, caves and anatomical dissections of the brain: they can be viewed as apparitions of the mind or a sequence of hallucinations. The real world and painted reality is merged together in mimetic confusion. The camera obscura reproduces externally the internal visions of the mind.

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In Part II, Platt delves deeper into his interest in the camera obscura, reveals more about his process and talks about how residency and travel effect his life and work.

Don’t miss your chance to see Insubstantial Pageants of the Mind’s Eye. The show closes for public viewing Saturday, June 27, 2013. Contact the gallery for more information and appointments.

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July 24, 2013

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