Platt Installing Enkephalon III, 2013


How is this different from the more representation works in the show?


In the Enkephalon series, the paint has been allowed to corrupt the image to a greater degree, in contrast to more representational/recognizable imagery. This juxtaposition creates a dialogue, as in Penatrailia (Part Two, 2013 (the black mirror); on one hand it reflects an outline/index of a subject, but also obscures. The image is suspended a liminal space, a threshold between past, present and future.


Your work seems to greatly benefit from empirical knowledge gained from residencies and travel. You have recently returned from a trip to the Arctic and I understand after the show closes you’re going on a road trip across America. Can you talk about a recent trip that will effect future work.


Last year, I went on a research trip to follow the ancient Kumano Forest trails in Japan. It is a pilgrimage usually made by groups of Yamabushi monks that are supposed to possess mystical powers brought about through meditation on nature, grueling hikes through the mountains and forests, and voluntary starvation. This kind of thing appeals to me. So, I went on this solo pilgrimage and by my own semi-deliberate actions, I found myself injured, half-starved, dehydrated, freezing, irrevocably lost for days and nights in the forest. I strapped a mini camera to myself to document the process. It turned out well in the end, and this experience is embedded in my work in ways I am just starting to understand now.

Enkephalon II, 2013

oil and pigment on linen

64 x 72”

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July 24, 2013

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July 2013